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Personal Lines

Automobile Insurance

A car can express the essence of your being or can just be an object to get you from Point A to Point B. Whatever your specific needs, we offer a variety of coverages and companies from which to choose.

owner Insurance

A home may be your most valuable financial asset, but unless you have proper Homeowners Insurance, you could be putting that asset at risk. Homeowner Insurance protects the family financially and pays for repairs or replacement of damaged property. This type of policy is for residential properties that are owner occupied. Whether you
own a house, condominium, townhouse, mobile home, or simply rent, we have a policy that is right for you.

Motorcycle and ATV Insurance

Riding your motorcycle or ATV carefully and wearing proper safety gear are important measures to protect yourself, but they are not the only protection you need. Your own motorcycle or ATV is a major investment, one that is certainly worth protecting. Your motorcycle and ATV insurance can protect you legally and financially if you suffer a loss or are liable for damages due to an accident.

Boat Insurance

Your boat needs specialized coverage. While it is probably one of your most treasured possessions, it can also be your most vulnerable while at risk from storms, strong winds, theft, and accidents. You also have liability while in and out of the water, which is why our boat coverage will not only provide coverage for your boat, but protection for you and your passengers, too. You'll enjoy the water even more when you're not worried about the safety of yourself, your passengers, or your investment.

Recreational Vehicle Insurance

RV policies provide important standard coverage such as Liability, Comprehensive, and Collision. It also includes optional coverages such as protection on attached accessories including awnings, satellite dishes, and TV antennas. Emergency expense coverage protects your lodging or travel home if damaged or destroyed by a covered loss more than 50 miles from your home. Campsite or vacation liability coverage provides liability coverage when you are parked and are using your RV as a residence because your RV, after all, is part home and part vehicle.

Automobile Collectors Insurance

Don't put your collectibles on an ordinary automobile policy. You don't want to be penalized in case of a loss because it is an antique, and pay higher premiums on a vehicle you rarely drive. If your vehicle is 25 years or older, ask about our special policy.

Personal Insurance Products Available:

SR-22 Filings
Dwelling Fire
RV/Travel Trailer
Personal Umbrella
Mobile Home
ATV/Off Road
Manufactured Home

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